How RCM customer/prospect contacts work

Move the “QUALITY OF RELATIONSHIPS” scale up for more positive shoppers.

The above illustration indicates the “upward thrust” (positive movement) an RCM contact gives your relationship with literally every customer/prospect who reads it, be they those who would never do business with you, and then up the entire “Quality of Relationships” scale to those who will always do business with you.

RCM’s goal is to “bump” the “Quality of Relationships” scale upward to include more of its recipients on or above the “Will definitely shop you (again)” BAR.  It is identified as the “Will definitely shop you (again)” BAR because, like all marketing, it doesn’t make the actual sale.  But, on or above the BAR is a great place for your buyer to be before your product and/or service presentation.

Of note, the “upward thrust” or “bumping up” an RCM contact creates on the “Quality of Relationships” scale will retreat downward as the recipients’ memories of the contact diminish, but it won’t go as far down as it was before the contact.

Move the BAR down by reducing your profit. 

Another way to include more buyers into this classification is moving the BAR down.  That’s done by reducing your profit.  The more profit you sacrifice, the lower the BAR will go.  Profit, in this case, includes any number of expenditures that might not be necessary if you have ongoing RCM.  While giving larger-than-your-competitors discounts may buy you sales, without them, is there a stronger attraction to do business than knowing, liking and trusting the person you do business with?

You should also know that, while the first RCM contacts you deliver can and often does generate a business opportunity, increasingly bigger dividends come as your RCM contacts continue.