RCM delivers high-value benefits to all involved

RCM helps your price become a closing tool instead of a selling tool.

When RCM is operational, its benefits are numerous and bountiful.  Anyone who’s spent time selling anything should know the “better profits” (see “Retention”) opportunities of returning customers and referrals “pre-sold” on doing business with you.  With them, “price” usually isn’t the defining issue, and because it isn’t, it can be more productively utilized in its role as a closing tool and not a selling tool.  (I.e. “If you can get it for x number of $’s, will you take it now?” vs. “If you can get it for x number of $’s, will you think about it?”)

Building more “Best customers.”

RCM-nourished customers and their pre-sold referrals are more inclined to have what might be called “Best Customer” characteristics, meaning they make doing business thoroughly enjoyable. They’re loyal, reasonable, trustful and profitable and, because you’ve regularly expended an effort to maintain a relationship with them, even when they weren’t “in the market,” they’ll enter (or re-enter) your business more at ease and with a more open-minded attitude.

Your best customers want you to succeed.

When there’s a problem and it’s your fault; be it a late delivery, missed appointment, faulty part or bad meal, experience has taught you these customers will show more understanding, giving you the opportunity and time to make things right.  They want you to succeed.  While they probably do believe in your product or service, what they believe in most is you.  And, that’s because of your relationship with them.  If you could actually choose the type of buyers you wanted to advertise to and do business with, wouldn’t these “Best Customers” be at the top of your list?

RCM is a “positive” for returning customers and its recipient prospects.

From the buyer’s point of view, the security of doing business with someone they know, like and trust is a valuable selling point. When purchasing decisions involve multiple choices and marginal differences, RCM gives you a big, unique advantage.  Even with RCM-recipient prospects you’ve never spoken to, it helps you move up their “where-to-shop” list simply because of your relationship centered messages, very likely the only ones they’re receiving.

RCM increases overall satisfaction and decreases customer defections. 

As for tracking your RCM’s “return on investment,” it’s much less complicated than tracking the performance of most other advertising and marketing.  When the sale is to a returning customer or a customer’s referral, it is often heralded by all involved.   Every seller knows the feeling of pride and accomplishment unique to completing a transaction with a returning customer or their referral.  And, because they are easier transactions for both the seller and the buyer to conduct, they increase the level of overall satisfaction of the buyer and decrease customer defections and representative turnover.