Relationship Centered Marketing: The fundamentals

RCM is the message.

The concept that “RCM utilizes fundamental components of positive relationships” is easy to understand when you identify these basic components are the same components you’d acknowledge if you listed the traits of the people to whom you enjoy giving your friendship.  Of course there can be numerous reasons why you like someone, but your RCM content, especially for multiple contacts, should only emphasize those reasons (components) that are universally appealing in a friend.

The fundamentals of RCM are the traits that make relationships desirable.

Following is a list of, what most would agree are, fundamental traits necessary to make relationships desirable with those whom you wish to conduct business:

1.) Your best relationships are usually those with people who, you believe, like you.  Therefore, you can assume your customer/prospect relationships will benefit if your customers and prospects believe you like them.
Example/for contact content:
“Even though I’m just your (seller description), I want you to know how much I value the trust you’ve placed in me.  That, and being able to have you think of me as a friend, are the best reasons I know to always do my best for you.”

2.) Your best relationships are usually those with people who you think are kind, considerate and good-natured.  Accordingly, you can correctly assume your relationships will benefit if your customers and prospects believe you possess these same traits.
Example/for contact content:
“Taking a few moments to stay in touch with you always makes me feel good.  I hope you don’t mind, as the last thing I would ever want to do is be a bother.  Hopefully, all is well and the (purchase, by name) is everything you expected.”

3.) Being responsible and honesty are especially important traits that a customer/prospect wants in their seller.  Messages delivering ongoing reassurance that the seller will continue to stand behind their product/service reinforces buyer confidence in their buying decision.  That reinforcement also encourages trust and trust is a cornerstone of your buyer’s perception of your honesty.
Example/for contact content:
“If you remember only one thing from my writing to you, it is that I am just as dedicated to your satisfaction with your (purchase, by name) as I was the day you got it.  Should you need me, be it to help with a problem or just answer a question, I’m here for you and only a telephone call or e-mail away.”

4.) Humor, especially self-deprecating humor, if wholesomely inoffensive and used in moderation, fortifies every relationship.  Ideally, every RCM contact you send should make its recipients feel good.  It may even engender a smile or a laugh.  Self-depreciating humor is a well-established technique to entertain and to help its recipients identify with you, and we all have things happen to us that can be humorous.
Example/for contact content:
“This is one of those days I doubly appreciate sitting down to write.  Not only for the opportunity to say hello, but to keep weight off my foot.  When I got up today, rushing around getting dressed, I inflicted the ‘granddaddy’ of stubbed toes on myself!  Adding insult to injury, as I was hopping around in pain, my wife began laughing and then asked if I was working on a new ‘dance step’.”