You and RCM

In a perfect world, you would read our website, then say to yourself, “This Relationship Centered Marketing concept of building stronger friendships with my customers makes sense,” and then take what you need from our methods and experience to do it for yourself.  We promise we won’t mind, and that experience we have tells us you’ll receive about a $4 to $5 return on every $1 you put in it.  (But, keep in mind we’re big on “under-promising and over-delivering.”)

Knowing you’ll make money with a marketing program before you start it is always a good thing.  What we can’t quite put into words, though, is the day-to-day positive effect it will have on your business.  We’ve witnessed some truly exciting results after adding a well-timed selling message in an RCM contact, yet to us, nothing’s quite as intriguing as just hearing about the way our clients’ customers respond to them.  And, that’s ongoing.  Done correctly, with consistency and discipline, RCM will change the way your customers, clients, patrons or patients perceive you and you will like it.  They will like it, too.

We’ll even help.  The equipment needed isn’t expensive, and a competent clerical person can do a lot of the work with minimal training.  We’re available for that.  And, while there is a lot of creative work involved, we’ll help you with anything you need.  That includes data preparation, art, graphics, composition, or whatever.  As quaint as it may sound, we believe everyone enjoys hearing nice things said to them, and we genuinely love helping people say them.