About Archer-Profit Associates

Archer-Profit Associates began in 1992 when the management of a California Lexus dealership where our Programs Developer/Co-founder was selling, asked him to install and operate the same programs for their sales staff he was personally using.  They were surprised and impressed by the number of customers from where he had previously worked who came in their dealership to see him and purchase vehicles.  Learning of his prowess and the successes his techniques of customer retention achieved, Lexus featured him on their nationwide-to-dealerships TV training broadcasts to discuss his methods.

The programs he developed resulted from a career-long determination that, by improving the seller/buyer relationship, the corresponding improvements in referral and repeat business would reduce dependency on dealing with new, more unpredictable (e.g., unschedulable, lowest price-dependent, harder-to-manage, etc.) shoppers.  The endgame being to achieve the ongoing high levels of transaction control that only happen when the buyer allows it because they know, like and trust the seller.

The foundation for Archer-Profit relationship centered marketing (RCM) was borne from practicing long-term follow-up with organ and piano prospects in and around the Indiana city where our Programs Developer grew up.  The nature of that area’s clientele was less rushed, often because many rural buyers would sometimes have to wait until their next harvest to buy, which could be a year or more away.

He learned that keeping those prospects on a “first name” basis vastly improved the chances of selling them a home keyboard, a “debatable-necessity” luxury that cost on average about the same as a new, low-priced automobile.  And, because over 90% of the prospects didn’t know how to play, the “blue skies” sales techniques of “painting the picture” of how good they’d feel when they did learn, blended perfectly with messages of remembrance and friendship.  As sales volume increased, he continually worked to upgrade his contacts’ effectiveness and efficiency, building what started as “follow-up” into a well thought-out prospect-pleasing selling methodology.

Over the years they’ve operated, Archer-Profit has produced literally hundreds of thousands of relationship centered marketing (RCM) contacts in their entirety for businesses and sales representatives alike.  “Entirety” being “turn key” operational and ready to be mailed.  That includes interview-derived content for sender authenticity, all necessary sender-duplicated handwriting, the specifically designed cards, notes and stationery necessary for contact production, and personalized guides for the “senders” to help them understand their RCM and maximize the performance of its contacts.

Since the beginning, Archer-Profit has been acutely aware of their responsibilities as their clients’ ghostwriter/contacts developer.  It means conceiving and producing their clients’ RCM contacts in the most positive, personalized, authentic, grammatically-correct and relationship-enhancing manner possible.  Nothing less is acceptable.  In return, and even more rewarding than the renumeration received for their work, are the nearly countless number of compliments, expressions of gratitude, testimonials and “stories of sales triumphs” generated by their RCM operations.  Each is unique, but all reinforce the premise that buyers place true, tangible value in their sellers’s appreciation and admiration of them.