Admiration and reassurance: The essence of RCM

RCM isn’t about discounting or reducing your profit.

With the thickening density and intensity of today’s advertising, and the increasing buyer skepticism and indifference it’s generating, just what exactly can you tell your customers and contact-worthy prospects they want to hear?  Conventional 21st century marketing has the answer.  It’s “We’ll do it for less,” and the more “less” you do it for, the more they’ll want to hear it.

Your customers are admirable and you’ll profit by acknowledging it.

RCM has another answer and it’s just as valid as conventional marketing’s answer, yet it doesn’t tamper with your profit.  What do your customers, prospects and every other person you know want to hear?  It’s that they’re admirable.  (And, they also like to hear about any and all reassurance you can give them.)  “Admirable” has so many positive synonyms (e.g., A-1, A-OK, attractive, choice, commendable, creditable, estimable, etc.), it is a wonderful (another synonym) thing to be.  The best aspect of its many definitions is that nearly everyone possesses some of these “admirable” traits.

Reassurance encourages your customers to be more trustful of you.

The essence of RCM is identifying and then believably acknowledging its recipient’s admirability, and to offer continuous reassurance of the seller’s ongoing support in matters of their business together.  As specific-to-each particular individual as that may seem, it really isn’t, because your relationships with your customers/prospects share many of the same interactions, which result in the same admiration-recognizing opportunities.  (I.e., After all, aren’t all of your customers intelligent, perceptive, considerate, etc.?)

RCM is the engine to power your lifelong customer relationships.

Creating additional RCM content are those events that actually encourage positive communication between the seller and the buyer.  It could be a well-deserved “Thank you” to your buyer for a referral.  It could be a buyer’s important personal success or accomplishment (e.g., great golf game, buying a new home, birth of a child, etc.).  These achievements all justify an admiration-based compliment.  Regardless of what it is, if it “opens the door” to writing a sincere expression of admiration to the buyer, it’s an excellent RCM opportunity and shouldn’t be wasted.